MLB Pitching/Throwing Lessons with Rich Rodriguez

Interactive Online Pitching & Throwing Session
30 Minutes $40.00/lesson

Interactive Session Include:

  • Session is conducted using iPhone FaceTime, FB Messenger Chat, What's APP or Skype directly between player and Rich Rodriguez
  • Address in real-time your mechanics, balance, alignment, arm position, landing, torque and finishing
  • Live interaction complete with drills and demonstrations
  • Player will need a tri-pod, net, baseballs found Here
  • Player must have strong Wi-Fi or cell signal to conduct online lesson
  • Weather or location is no issue to receive an online lesson
  • Schedule Your Online Lesson Here
In-Person Pitching & Throwing Lesson
60 Minutes

*Available in Los Angeles and Riverside County schedule, weather and location permitting
Schedule Your In-Person Lesson by calling 818-590-7708

Monthly Video Pitching/Throwing Analysis
30-Day Unlimited Month-to-Month $100.00

Session Include:

  • Unlimited email correspondence for 30 days
  • Month-to-Month
  • Video(s) must be 30 seconds or less
  • Response time within 24 hours
  • Receive a breakdown of player's mechanics and tips
  • Receive customized tips and drills to enhance practice and performance
  • Schedule Your Email Subscription Here
Ages 6-16 (Minimum 8 Players) $50 per player


  • Building Confidence
    On the Mound / At the Plate
  • Proper Throwing & Pitching Techniques
    Balance / Alignment / Arm Positioning
    Landing on-line / Torque / Finishing
  • Hitting Skills Based on Athleticism & Body Type
    Hand Position / Weight Transfer / Leverage
    Rotation / Balance
  • Fielding Effectively
    Footwork / Nose-to-the-Ball / Hand Positioning
    Momentum / Alignment
(Minimum 4 Coaches) $50/coach
Location: Your Choice All Ages Welcome

Structure a Productive Practice: (Choose 1 Core Concentration)

  • Systematic Throwing, Hitting & Fielding Drills
  • Offensive Strategy Fundamentals
    Bunting / Situational Hitting / Base Stealing & Base Running
  • Defensive Strategy Fundamentals
    Bunt Coverage / Cut-Offs / Relays/ Run-Downs & Pick-Offs